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Sample Chapters

I Bummed a Ride on Como Avenue

“How far ya goin’?” he asked, as he flung open the door of his ‘41 Chev four-door.

“To South Minneapolis,” I cried gratefully, “if yer goin’ that far.” I scrambled in to the passenger seat.

The sun bathed the street with eye-squinting brilliance this spring afternoon. I thought I had talked myself into the idea of walking home. It’ll take over an hour. You could use the time for study. So I opted for a lift ...

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A Great Man

I can see a summer evening — 1928 — with dusk wrapping its arms around “The Old Castle.” Dad named our home in memory of his boyhood days at Friesenborg Castle in Denmark. Our open front porch held a half dozen neighborhood rag-a-muffins where Dad held forth as the Hans Christian Andersen of ...

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"Memories are more precious than rubies. They light the darkness
of where I came from, and they help me to see who I am."

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Insights: One Man's Spiritual Journey, by Norman D. Sorensen
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