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Table of Contents

Introduction: Where We’re Going                                               

Part I: The Three Secrets of a Life of Biblical Faith                              

    Secret Number 1                                                                        

Nicodemus — A Man Who Looked for Answers                    

For Sure                                                                                            

I Responded                                                                                    



Saul: The Unusual Birth of a New Man                                      

Cindy at the Fairgrounds                                                              

A Gift                                                                                                

The Certainty of a New Birth                                                        

The Holy Grail                                                                                 

Some Questions About the New Birth                                        

Let’s Plow Deeper into Secret Number 1                                    

He Who Believes in Me — Has — He Possesses                    

The Father Testifies to the Validity of My New Birth              

    Secret Number 2                                                                        

The Wellspring of Faith                                                                

My Words are Soldiers                                                                 

The Power of the Scriptures                                                         

Built on Rock                                                                                   

I Bummed a Ride on Como Avenue                                             

Someone Has To Stand Behind It                                                

The Day the People Cried                                                             

After All, It Belongs to You                                                          

Walt Jensen: A Life in the Dark                                                   

Letter from Ted                                                                               


A Letter                                                                                            

The Hidden Treasure of Faith                                                      

    Secret Number 3                                                                        

A Mirror                                                                                           

Catch of Fish                                                                                   

A Tree                                                                                              

Priscilla of Samaria                                                                          

Children are the Products of Words                                            




Already Prepared                                                                            

God Looks on the Heart                                                                

I Act on What God Says                                                               

Tear Up the Roof                                                                            

Reify — I See the Unseen                                                             



Mary Magdalene                                                                            

Jesus Speaks to the Storm                                                            


Five Thousand Fed                                                                        

Anisa and the Pharisee                                                                  


Our First Baby — A Miracle                                                         

The Significance of David and Goliath                                       

They Closed Their Ears                                                                 

The One Who Sees Beyond                                                         

Why Me?                                                                                         

Practicing the Three Secrets                                                         

Thirty-One PersonalProfessions of My Faith

Part II: Collected Stories and Essays

A Great Man                                                                                    


Spend It, Baker Boy, Spend It                                                      


Self Pity                                                                                            

Widow of Nain                                                                                

The Day I Ate What I Read                                                          

The Devil and Mr. Kanatha                                                          

The Quiet Time (QT)                                                                      

Sarepta of Sidon                                                                             


A Rich Man Finds True Riches                                                    

Romans 4:17                                                                                    


He’s Not Here                                                                                 


Pool of Bethesda                                                                            

Hot Cross Buns                                                                              

John The Baptist                                                                            

Light of the World                                                                          

To a Land                                                                                         

A Look at Parables                                                                         

The Lady From Dallas                                                                    

The Hidden Treasure of Faith                                                      

Letter to Ted                                                                                    

One Word Can Make Your Day                                                   

He Had Never Walked                                                                   

I Need a Watchman                                                                        

Singers Go Before the Army                                                         

Letter to Larry                                                                                 

A Soldier Learns About Real Authority                                     


About the Author                                                                          

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