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Insights: One Man's Spiritual Journey, by Norman Sorensen Comments from Joseph F. Girzone
Bestselling author of the Joshua series

After reading Insights, One Man's Journey,by Norman D. Sorensen,Ican say that I was deeply impressedwith theauthor's dogged persistence in pursuinga most basicfacet of religion, and that is Faith.Notonlydid he writeone chapter onFaith, but practically every chapterdelves more and more deeply into the substance of faith, and its role in the lifeof a believer. I had the feeling that the author has a very keen mindand was notso much interested inwriting the book for others to readas he wasin bearing witnessto his life-long search for an understanding of faithin itsmany different dimensions. So many people can name precisely the year, month, day and hour when they were saved; but finding faith was not as simple as that for this author. He had many very legitimate and haunting questions about faith and how he knew it was authentic, and was it a once and for all deal, or did faith demand a more continuous and total commitment to God, and to Jesus as Savior. And these were not the only dimensions of faith that concerned the author. He also struggled witha thorough investigation of thesincerity of his own commitment to what faith demanded, and faith's relationship with hope and trust, which many people fail to distinguish as very different from each other. What makes the book interesting is that each of these questionsis put in the context of the book's characters' personal struggle with these various questions.For areaderthisbookis avery worthwhile experience in trying to understand the depth and sincerity of his or her own faith.

- Joseph F. Girzone

JOSEPH GIRZONE is the author of several bestselling books, including Joshua, My Struggle with Faith, and Never Alone. He lives in Albany, New York.

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Insights: One Man's Spiritual Journey, by Norman D. Sorensen
ISBN: 978-1-304-23394-3 (pb); 978-1-304-32453-5 (hc); 978-1-304-30763-7 (eb)

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